How can I help refugees arriving in Tonbridge?

The number of refugees who make it to our area is relatively small, but we want to make sure they feel welcome, and that the local community is ready to support them. We therefore work with the council and community groups to try and get Tonbridge & Malling ready to provide homes and safety for some of the men, women and children fleeing the war in Syria. 

There are a host of practical things you can do to get involved:

  • Help us to spread the word We have an active Facebook page and Twitter feed where you can find regular updates: everything from information about events to requests for lifts or essentials which one of our refugee family needs. Please follow us and let your friends know about our work.
  • Offer accommodation as a landlord (paid at local authority rates)
  • Befriending and supporting local refugees. Could you offer the hand of friendship to a newly-arrived family, helping them to settle into our town and providing a link to essential services like a GP and schools for their children?
  • Teaching English
  • Mentoring young asylum seekers or refugees 
  • Help with campaigning and profile raising
  • Working with different faith and community groups
  • Get your company/business involved offering mentoring, sponsorship, work experience or skills sharing.
  • Pledge goods such as groceries, furniture, household and electrical goods, clothing, toys, baby/toddler equipment, stationery, a haircut
  • We have a huge need for transport and every day support
  • Write to our MP [link to page]

If you think you have resources or skills that would be useful or would like to get involved but don’t know how, please let us know . We’d love to hear from you.